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Posted by rpospina on May 7, 2015 at 12:40 AM

Social media is dominating the flow of information nowadays; I'd like to give you a break-down of what kind of information I usually share through the various social media channels and their intended targets:


Facebook: Here I stay connected with my clients, with updates about what I'm doing, where I'm going and sharing news and humor related to translation, interpreting and languages in general.


Twitter: On this network where I interact mostly with colleagues about industry news, events, tips and updated blog articles.


Pinterest: It takes a lot of graphic-design talent, creativity and time in order to make meaningful contributions to this platform (things that I am lacking, greatly). I am simply a follower here, pinning mostly infographics about interpreting, translation and the beauty of languages in general. I've built some boards where you can get a quick fix of either of these subjects, if you're interested!


Youtube: My latest addition and I've realized that this is an under-utilized resource by the translation-interpreting industry, in my opinion. I have set up my channel and have created customized playlists to my liking, ranging from news from government institutions to full-lenght seminars related to the T&I field.

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