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Gifts ideas that any translator / interpreter would appreciate this holiday season

Posted by rpospina on December 7, 2014 at 1:05 AM

The holiday season is upon us and it's one of my favorite times of the year, minus the cold weather. Here is a list of gift ideas for translators and interpreters (T&I):


  • An updated dictionary for their language pair. If you know if they specialize in a specific subject (medical, legal, etc.) then a specialty dictionary would be great too.
  • Ergonomic computer accessories. It's a risky move because they tend to get attached to their office set-up but after spending so much time in front of computers and typing, if you give them an ergonomic accessory their hands, wrists, shoulders and necks will thank you for it.
  • Personalized office tools. You can select anything from sticky-notes, a fancy pen, a portfolio, a tablet's cover, notepads, basically any stationery in general and personalize it with the T&I's name.
  • Industry-related books. You can use social media to find out what's trending in the industry, upcoming books and so forth to make sure you get them something new that most likely they haven't read yet.
  • Comfy loungewear. Let's face it, they know you know they work in their pijamas when they're home, so why not update their casual wardrobe with a new set of comfy loungewear.
  • Software. This is where a big chunk of the T&I's budget is spent. Ask them what kind of programs they currently use or need to make sure you make an appropriate selection.
  • Memberships. Most T&Is are members of an association of some sort; this is a perfect time of the year to offer them a gift card that covers the cost of a membership renewal for next year or for a new membership of their choice.
  • Classes. Continuing education is a requirement in any career nowadays so if you've heard your dear T&I talk about a class that they'd like to attend, this would be a gift that would keep on giving.
  • Tablets. Of course! Most fellows within this industry like and need tablets to stay connected, entertained and help them be more efficient so if you have the budget for it, go for the latest version of their preferred tablet.
  • An excuse to get out of the house. Many T&I's work from home and they can get lonely so help them get out there by gifting them with a local group class where they can learn something new and socialize: yoga, dance, cooking, photography, tennis, wine school, gym membership... the options are endless!






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