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Does my translation need to be notarized?

Posted by rpospina on May 9, 2014 at 4:00 PM

This is a common question among my clients who need official documents to be translated (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.); the answer is: it depends.

If your document was originated outside of the United States and you need a translation into English (for example, for immigration purposes) what is required by most US entities is a certified translation; one that has a certification from the translator that confirms that the translation from the foreign language into English is accurate. In these cases, a notary is not necessary.  

However, if what you need is a translation of a document issued in the United States and this document will be used overseas, then first of all you need to confirm if this country is participating in the Hague Convention of 1961; if the country that will receive your documents is participating in this international convention, then it will require an apostille. An apostille is an internationally recognized form of authentication that validates a stamp or seal affixed to a document. In this case, the translation would need to be certified by the translator who would sign the certification in front of a notary; then you should bring your document to the corresponding official entity to get the apostille. For the state of Florida, you can find specific instructions here.  

These are the most common guidelines, but you should always verify with the instution that will use your document if a notary or apostille is required or not. As a certified translator, I can issue officially certified translations following the guidelines dictated by the USCIS and other U.S. entities and I can also issue certified translations notarized by a Florida notary, so that they can get the proper apostille within the state. 

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