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Posted by rpospina on April 23, 2014 at 1:10 AM

It's Earth Day! These are some things that we can do as interpreters and translators to help preserve our planet:


1. When possible, take notes with your computer or tablet instead of pen and paper.

2. Be conscious when printing; use both sides of the sheets for your proofreads.

3. Activate the energy-saving settings on your computer and don't leave your monitor on.

4. If you print your business cards, use recycled paper.

5. Avoid buying bottled water; get a reusable thermos instead.

6. Adjust the temperature of your thermostat or open your windows whenever you can.

7. Buy e-books instead of paperbacks.

8. Recycle your electronics.

9. Get fluorescent light bulbs.

10. Shop local. Shop smart. Select Eco-friendly products.

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