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Jargon and Acronyms of the Interpreting / Translation Industry

Posted by rpospina on March 16, 2015 at 10:10 PM

I dislike the misuse of acronyms and industry-specific jargon; I think that the convenience of saving yourself a breath or two by using them without first explaining what they mean, does not make up for the fact that the person that you are addressing could have no idea of what it's actual meaning. 


Here are my two cents for those who are not familiar with the translation / interpreting acronyms / jargon:



  • CAT – Computer Assisted Tools (or Computer Automated Tools); tools used by professional translators to complete their projects. 
  • CHUCHOATAGE - A variety of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter whispers the renditions to a listener. 
  • CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETERS - Listen and then translate after something has been said.
  • INTERPRETATION - The act of rendering a verbal message from one language into another, accurately and completely, meaning by meaning and not word-for-word.
  • LEP – Limited English Proficient (person is implied).
  • LOCALIZATION - The process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region. 
  • OPI – Over the Phone Interpreter; an interpreter that provides services remotely, over the phone. 
  • PM – Project Manager; in a language-services company, is the person in charge of coordinating projects and assignments. 
  • SIGHT TRANSLATION - Can be defined as the reading of a text by the interpreter from the source language into the target language, simultaneously, in a manner in which the content of the document can be easily understood by the audience.
  • SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS - Listen and interpret while something is still being said—with very little delay. 
  • TRANSCREATION -  Adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. 
  • TRANSCRIPTION - To put speech or data into written or printed words.  
  • TRANSLATION - The act of moving written text from one language to another
  • TRANSLITERATION - To convert a text from one script into another; for example, a word written with Greek characters, transformed into Latin ones. 
  • VRI – Video Remote Interpreter; an interpreter that provides services remotely, through a video platform. 
  • CTP – Certified Translation Professional; a translator that has earned a certification by passing a test administered by a qualified institution. 


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