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10 advantages that only a local translator can offer

Posted by rpospina on April 9, 2014 at 1:35 AM


There are many benefits that a local translator can offer you versus a distant professional or agency. I'd like to clarify that I have done this under two assumptions: 1) that your local translator is indeed a professional translator and 2) that he/she is capable of working with the type of project that you need (based on their specialization or experience).


1. It's easier to get in touch with the translator. It's a lot easier to get in touch with a local translator than trying to reach out to a company based who-knows-where, that will probably get you to an automatic call answering system. With your local translator, you also have the possibility to have a personal meeting and discuss your project.


2. You can bring your documents to the translator in person. If you don't have access to a scanner, fax or smart phone or if you don't feel comfortable sharing certain information online, only with a local translator you have this option. 


3. There are more options to submit payment. Once your project is completed, it 's very convenient to be able to pay not only with a credit card or PayPal, but also with a check, money order or good old cash. As an added value on top of this is the fact that most local translators will give you the chance to pay upon completion of your project and don't require prepayment for each and every service.

4. You can get your documents faster. You can arrange the delivery of the document not only online or by mail, but also by choosing to pick it up from the translator's office or even having the translator deliver the document to you (if they offer this optional service).

5. If a change or correction is needed, your translator is right there! Yes, that can certainly be a relieve. 

6. You can verify the credentials of the translator. You'll know exactly who you are working with and you have ways to verify this person's credentials thoroughly.

7. It's easier to protect the privacy of your information. Again, along the same lines of point #6, because you know exactly who are you working with, you have an additional layer of protection and in the unlikely event that things go wrong, you'll know exactly who to hold accountable. 

8. If you need more documents translated in the future, you know who will do it for you. If you need similar translation services in the future, you will have consistency with the outcome if you use a local translator, who knows you and who knows how to work for you.

9. It's someone that you could add to your local circles.  I am proud to say that I have developed relationships with my local clients that started with the request of a service: Someone that just moved to the area and doesn't know many people, someone that is pleased to find out that we come from the same country, or someone who also has a small local business that can turn me into a client as well.


10. Buying local is simply good. It's sustainable and it promotes the advancement of your local community. 


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