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Posted by rpospina on May 7, 2015 at 12:40 AM

Social media is dominating the flow of information nowadays; I'd like to give you a break-down of what kind of information I usually share through the various social media channels and their intended targets:


Facebook: Here I stay connected with my clients, with updates about what I'm doing, where I'm going and sharing news and humor related to translation, interpreting and languages in general.


Twitter: On this network where I interact mostly with colleagues about industry news, events, tips and updated blog articles.


Pinterest: It takes a lot of graphic-design talent, creativity and time in order to make meaningful contributions to this platform (things that I am lacking, greatly). I am simply a follower here, pinning mostly infographics about interpreting, translation and the beauty of languages in general. I've built some boards where you can get a quick fix of either of these subjects, if you're interested!


Youtube: My latest addition and I've realized that this is an under-utilized resource by the translation-interpreting industry, in my opinion. I have set up my channel and have created customized playlists to my liking, ranging from news from government institutions to full-lenght seminars related to the T&I field.

Hello and nice to meet you!

Posted by rpospina on March 9, 2014 at 4:05 PM


This is my very first blog entry. I guess the proper thing to say first of all is "thank you" for stopping by. My name is Rosa Patricia Ospina and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic; after I graduated from high school I went to college and studied Hospitality and after graduation and a fight with my sweetheart at the time, I moved to Punta Cana which was a 4-hour drive away from home.

In Punta Cana I worked in Sales and had the chance to travel to around a dozen different countries promoting Resorts... yep, that was the life back then...I feel in love with a foreigner and from that point on, my life changed... so, I literally left everything to chase this man around and ended up in Northern Florida. Fortunately, we are married today and we have a little boy named Daniel.


 How did I become and interpreter and translator?

I have always been passionate about learning new languages and for some reason it has been easy for me to do so. When I moved to Florida, I still worked in Hospitality, back then I worked hiring staff to work in local hotels, which were for the most part, Hispanics. So, through my interactions with them I started interpreting and translating on informal settings: during orientations and training sessions, translating letters, forms and manuals, etc. It was something that I really enjoyed because I felt that I was helping them and making a difference. 

After some time, I decided to venture into establishing my own business learning as much as I could about this trade. Eventually I obtained my first certification as a Medical Interpreter and later on my English / Spanish translator certification.


So, that's me, in a nutshell... my posts will be about sharing my experiences with you, the funny things I get to hear while interpreting and to hopefully shed some light about this growing industry and about us, the people who work in it.



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